Positive Displacement Flow Switches

The Flowtech positive displacement flow switches are designed for reliable supervision of conducting liquid flow through pipelines. They can be used in almost all weather conditions as they are water & dust proof to IP:68 rating.

Positive Displacement Flow Switch

Flowtech Positive Displacement Flow Switch

Advantages of thermal flow switches —

  • IP 65 Protection Rating.
  • Easy to install on the pipeline.
  • Made for use in harsh environments & rugged use.
  • Reliable operation.
  • Suitable for low & very low flows.
  • Designed for continuous duty.
  • Works on universal power adapter adaptor of 5 VDC 1 Amps.
  • Very low maintenance.

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Typical Applications

The typical applications where our thermal flow switches are used

  • Flow monitoring for Reverse Osmosis water purification systems.
  • Dry run protection for pumps.
  • Over flow tripping of pumps for over head tanks.
  • Monitoring of coolant supplying lines to machines.
  • Oil flow monitoring in Lubrication Systems.
  • Home / Housing Society applications for automation of water management.
  • Commercial / Hospitals / Hotels / Shopping Mall water management.
  • Automobile cars / bikes washing systems.
  • Automatic floor cleaning machines & related equipments.

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